Writen by: M. Rachman

Grave W.A. BARON Jatinangor BAUD in Plantation, West Java, Indonesia. since 1879. The next grave Mimosa or Baronesse Ida Louise Junia Baud

In the history of the area Jatinangor told that Baron Baud a landlord owner Cultuur Ondernemingen van Maatschappij Baud Jatinangor, had a child with his legal wife of a native woman son of a prince and landlord in kampoong tjibeusi region tjikeruh Tanjoengsari kademangan Soemedang, named Antjiah Kollat ​​there is also who called Antjiah Conservative.

According to the source of relatives, Antjiah is the daughter of a prince named Raden Moetakin still Kademangan Soemedang descent, his mother was Moentjiah original natives of kampoong Tjibeusi daughter of a prince of the Islamic religion. Moetakin married the daughter of a prince in tjibeusi and he became a substitute father mertuannya into mosques and princes in the village, Moetakin have a coffee plantation in the village is very wide there are approximately about tens of hectares of parent against the administration and law.

Moetakin of marriage and blessed Moentjiah 1 girls and 1 boy, in 1836 Moetakin daughter was born and was named Antjiah, and in 1840 was born a boy and named Bangin. Antjiah grow kampong was like other girls.
In 1854 around 18 years Antjiah grown into a sweet girl and cute brown-skinned, he looked like an innocent teenage girl dizamannya.

One day Antjiah with his friends playing in the river Tjikeruh bath and swim like fun together her friends, but they did not think there was a pair of eyes looking at the ball from behind the trees. Ya..sepasang eyeball of a young Caucasian who was hunting. He was Wilhelm Abraham Baron Baud, a Christian is the son of Jean Baud is the governor of the East Indies (now Indonesia). He is the owner of the company NV. Tot Maatschapping Eksploitati Der Onder Nemingen Dor Mr WA Baron Baud, while WA Baron Baud himself born in Batavia (now Jakarta) in 1816, which opened the plantation company in the area that is now called Rich Jatinangor.Young owners Trading Company Operating Results Cultivation These plantations are interested in him at first sight the native girl.

Willem young call W.A. Baron Baud is met Girl Sweet so Funny, then they are introduced in place of the chase, Antjiah also introduced herself and they talk and joking, and then some time Antjiah say goodbye going home for fear her parents are looking for, Wilem offer services to drive home a girl Antjiah the , Antjiah not reject it.

Arriving home Moetakin father of Antjiah, Moetakin was surprised and seemed Fear see a foreigner carrying a rifle with his son, he asks Antjia immediately enter the house and then he asked politely as is customary Wilem Natives Sunda full decorum.

“Sorry whomever this gentleman?” Asked Moetakin.

“My name is Wilem Baud sorry, I am the owner of Plantation NV. Baron Maatschapping baud

“Answer Wilem.

“Oh..Mr. Baron Baud son of Governur General of the East Indies? “Asked Moetakin then he invited his guest entry.

“Please enter mister” pleaded Moetakin

Then Wilem Moetakin Go into the house, inside looks Moentjia Moetakin wife was cooking for dinner.

“Mom is no lord Baron, bring drinking” Moetakin shouted at his wife.
Wilem in herbal medicine and many long talk with Moetakin. And finally Wilem said his intention to woo first sight Love at the native girl.

Moetakin can not refuse, because if rejected it will deal with the Dutch Company.

He gave the conditions if you want to woo her Wilem obliged to convert to Islam and read the two-sentence creed, it was not in his starting by Wilem who during his lifetime from birth to Adult many associate with native children Batavia Muslim.

Finally, when it established a marriage between 40-year-old Wilem Antjiah at the age of 20 Years in Islam and listed on the prince Oejoengbroeng district on August 9, 1857. And that time the younger brother Antjia Bangin Age 16 year old when the marriage occurred.

After the joint become husband and wife of his son, Moetakin and Moentjiah surrender their land to Antjia land for cultivation and in kerjasamakan with her husband’s company NV. Baron Maatschapping baud, He entrusts Bangin Antjiah younger brother to go with him to work in the plantations when Bangin already quite mature.

From several sources are found, saying that Antjiah given a nickname by Wilem ie to call Makola and is noted to be the last name Antjiah Makola also called Antjiah Conservative and in the Netherlands recorded name so Antje Kollot, After 18 years Antjiah menage the new year 1876 ​​blessed with children, then aged 39 years Antjiah a daughter born on the 1st of June 1876 in which her named is Baronesse Ida louise Junia Baud and got nicknames like mother called Antje Collot, then Ida Louise Junia Baud called “Mimosa” which means the grass because Wilem like beautiful grass.

Because Busy between the company and the family, then Wilem lift Antjiah sister named Bangin into plantation foreman, because it was already quite mature age Bangin. Since then Bangin became foreman remained in the plantations.

This love story is not running smoothly, for a time after his wife gave birth to her first child, Wilem visit his brethren from Europe around 1878. Apparently there has been a dispute that led to a quarrel between Abraham Baron Wilem Baud with his brothers of the Europe of wealth inheritance rights. His brother was mandated immediately reduce disinherited to Mimosa. As a result of the quarrel Baud Baron would think about leaving land plantations in Jatinangor.

Therefore he decided to go to Buitenzorg (Bogor) met a lawyer named Meertens. Together Meertens then Baron Baud and Antja Conservative and Mimosa son who was then aged about 2 years. A moving account occurred between Baron Baud with Nyai Antja Conservative and Mimosa. Having determined Mimosa is legalized in order to become a citizen of the Indies, as the legitimate son of Baron Baud and Antje. Mimosa must Bring to Batavia with guardianship and baptized into the Catholic. Mimosa thrashing refused to Batavia but Antja Kollot trying to persuade him.

In 1879, Baron Wilhelm Abraham Baud World died and was buried in Jatinangor Near the main office. Sadness enveloped Antje Collot at being the lover and Mimosa lose Wali. On the advice of the Governor General at the time it was raised under the guardianship of minor Mimosa Horra Siccema former member of the Raad van Indie. Upon entering school age Mimosa then schooled in school children in Batavia, and Hora Siccema be his guardian.

Several years after Mimosa Mimosa school in Batavia then sent to Holland to continue his study. At that time he could study in the Netherlands for having become wealthy as a result of the estate of Baron Baud plantation of Jatinangor.

After the death of Abraham Baron Wilhelm Baud, a state in estates NV. Maatschapping Tot Eksploitati Der Onder Nemingen Dor Mr WA Baron Baud, a little unsteady, his property was tampered with his brothers Wilhelm Abraham Baron Baud, but according amanatna delivered at Meertens in order to transfer the right of his wealth to name Baronesse Ida Junia Baud or Mimosa, so growers and Baud W.Baron entire wealth belongs to fall on his son’s wife and Meertens blessing. At that time, he was already a well-known notary in Batavia.

On the advice of the Governor-General Van der Wijjck, while waiting for his time WA.Baron Baud up and finished school in the Netherlands, the company is managed by the Antjiah along with their attorneys, led by Meertens under the supervision of Van der Wijjck. In managing a company owned by her husband Antjiah or Antje Collot assisted by her sister Bangin. Antjia also aided by the Notaries named Meertens manage the estate from falling Bankrupt.

Around 1898 children from Baron Baud Baud Baron Baronesse Ida Junia aka Mimosa finished school in the Netherlands. Then Mimosa married to a man who was born October 30, 1871 in Helsinki Finland named Otto Harald Lincoln Furuhjelm. Mimossa married to Otto Furuhjelm on 19 September 1899 in the Netherlands Nederland. However, their marriage lasted only up to four years, she divorced with Otto on October 26, 1903 in Lojo Finland.

In 1903 Mimosa went to Germany and met with a bloody German man named Martin Wilhelm Kroll, they fell in love and binding marriage in 1904 in Frankfurt Germany. Of marriage they had a boy Two people named Carl Heinz Kroll (08/08/1905) and Willy Boy Kroll (unknown date and year of birth but died recorded circa 1940-1945), after the birth of her second child was already Mimosa parted ways with Martin, because Martin disappeared and not known where. (no data is recorded, was considered lost in battle)

In 1907 Mimosa Neumark met a man named Joachim Dietrich Baron von Klitzing, then in 1908 dated December 15, 1908 Mimosa Married again with this man born in Neumark East German states now part of Poland, and this being her last husband. His marriage of them was given one daughter by Maria Mimosa Dietlinde Daniele Wilhelmine Dorothea von Klitzing on 7 October 1909 and a boy named Kurt Hubertus Wolf Dietrich (December 1, 1910). From marriage to the three got two kids, so children Mimosa amounted to 4 people comprising 3 boys and 1 child perempuan.Pada 1919 they divorced.

In 1920 Mimosa living in Italy set out to go to the Indies Javaland Jatinangor along two children of Baron Von Klitzing he met his beloved mother after decades of separation, 2 children are not brought because living in Germany. Mimosa arrival was welcomed with emotion and longing of the beloved Mom Madam Baron Collot Antje Marcolla Baud or Antjiah binti Moetakin (Sunda).
Then Antjiah introduce all ranks in his father’s estate company Baron Baud, ranging from Antjiah uncle sister named Bangin, then Attorney and Notary Family named Meertens and family houseboy named Moestari.

Mimosa asked to be taken to the uncle named Bangin to see the tomb of WA. Baron Baud, followed houseboy named Moestari family, his lawyer and his mother Antjiah Meertens. Mimosa ber prayers at the grave of his father, and he promised to continue his father’s company, and he swore and asked recorded before notary Meertens order later if he dies wants to be buried beside his father’s grave. Then Meertens Koninginder record and register it to the Archives in the Netherlands. (the end)